Application Tipps


  • The skin must be dry and clean.
  • Use the pad not under the shower.
  • Insert three fingers into the glove and use the whole surface of the pad. With four fingers you have no optimum contact surface.
  • The skin should be stretched for easier hair removal.
  • Do not exert pressure. Exerting too much pressure will hinder the minerals to move the hair.
  • Make fast, small and circular movements, clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • It is important to depilate digit by digit.
  • The best is, if the hair is shorter. If the hair is longer you need more rotations and the minerals will wear faster.
  • Replacing the disc: If you can't remove the first disc, stick the second disc on the first. After the second is finish, remove both.
  • Face: The skin in face is very thin, so do not exert pressure.